Brian Boru. High King of Ireland - 1014
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- hand painted
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Good Friday 1014 and Siggytrigg Silkybeard , the Danish king of Dublin, with his Norse allies Brodir of Man and Sigurd of Orkney and the Leinster Irish of Mael Morda , engineers a battle at Clontarf , just outside of Dublin ,on Good Friday, knowing that High King Brian, increasingly pious in his old age, is unhappy to shed blood on this religious day. Brian chooses not fight personally and after inspiring his army he retires behind the shield wall of his bodyguard and prays while the bloodiest battle yet seen in Irish history unfolds.

Brian’s life had been one of struggle and intrigue, fighting and dealing his way to the high kingship, a position of great prestige but in a country split by kingdoms with competing aims and deeply infiltrated by independent Norse settlements, seriously undermined. Brian, faced with the power of the Norse allying with independent Irish kingdoms, was determined to break this power.

After hours of bloody combat Brian’s army was victorious, all the Viking leaders except Brodir were dead. Brodir, humiliated in personal combat with an Irish warrior, Wolf the quarrelsome, had been hiding in a wood. Realising that the praying Brian was nearby and taking advantage of the confusion in the dying moments of the battle Brodir and his Vikings overwhelmed Brian and his bodyguard, slaying Brian at the very moment of his greatest and most decisive victory. Wolf the Quarrelsome put Brodir to death.

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